Buxton Classes 2019/20

I am pleased to be able to offer the following class at St Anne’s Parish Centre, Hardwick Square West, Buxton. SK17 6PS.  The venue is the newly refurnished Hardwick Room which has some parking and is accessible from town via the Green Man Art gallery.

William-II-deathThe Norman Achievement

7 weeks commencing Saturday 5th October 2019 

Half term week 2nd November

10:00am- 12.00pm

Explore the ways in which society changed after the Norman Conquest and meet the sons of the Conqueror.  The end of William’s life was marred by rebellion and it wasn’t long before Robert Curthose, William Rufus and Henry were quarrelling over their inheritance.  One of them ended his life a captive, another was murdered and the third fathered more than twenty illegitimate children but only one legitimate son who died when his boat sank.

The Norman Achievement. 7 weeks. St Anne’s Buxton.

The Norman kings of England and their achievements.



The Anarchy – Matilda and Stephen

7 weeks commencing Saturday 25th January 2020 

Half term week 22nd February

10:00am- 12.00pm

Empress_Mathilda.pngThe Anarchy when Christ and his saints slept lasted from 1135 until 1153.   Explore the way the concept of monarchy shifts in the hands of revolting barons and the claim of a woman to rule the kingdom.  A period of brutality, treachery and daring escapes in a period of national devastation.  Find out why The Treaty of  Wallingford established the succession of Matilda’s son Henry FitzEmpress and decide whether the period was really as chaotic as the history books suggest.

The Anarchy. 7 weeks. St Anne’s Buxton

The Civil war caused by the claims of both Empress Matilda and her cousin King Stephen to the Crown.