Day Schools 2017/18

I am pleased to offer my first independent day schools and lecturers for the academic year 2017-18.

1)  05/October/2017Katherine Swynford- the Scandalous Duchess.

KatSwynford10.00am-3.30pm at The Orange Box, Halifax – fee – £20.00

Follow the greatest love story of the Middle Ages.  From governess to mistress and from there to wife of John of Gaunt. Katherine was the mother of a dynasty that would help shape England during the Fifteenth Century; the sister-in-law of Chaucer; a survivor and a woman who flouted convention.

Handouts will be provided on the day. There is only a short lunch break so you may wish to bring sandwiches and a drink.

2)  23/ November/ 2017 –William Marshall- England’s Greatest Knight.


10.00am-3.30pm at The Orange Box, Halifax

– fee – £20.00

Explore the life of a real knight errant beginning with his rise from penniless younger son to tournament champion, hero and astute politician who played a role in the terms of Magna Carta.  Find out about his relationship with King Henry II and all of his sons concluding with his role as regent during the early years of King Henry III. Religious, chivalrous, honourable and fiercely ambitious – the stuff from which legends are made.


3) 22/ March/2018 –Beaufort!


10.00am-3.30pm at The Orange Box, Halifax

– fee – £20.00

Explore the lives, loves and tragedies of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford’s family. Trace the story of the Beauforts from illegitimacy to kingship  via the Hundred Years War and the Wars of the Roses. Meet earls, dukes, a cardinal, the women who married for love or familial ambition and the bloody feuds that ensued.  Get to grips with their family tree and their influence on England’s history.

4) 19/April/2018 Jane Seymour’s brothers: the rise and fall of  Edward and Thomas Seymour


10.00am-3.30pm at The Orange Box, Halifax – fee – £20.00

Follow the lives and careers of Edward and Thomas Seymour from their beginnings at Wolfe Hall via religious and social change, Rough Wooing, political manoeuvring, plots and rebellions to their executions for treason.  Edward became the duke of Somerset and Lord Protector – a man with Protestant leanings and sympathy for England’s poor.  Thomas  having married first Queen Katherine Parr and then aspired to the hand of Princess Elizabeth was executed for an ill judged plot to gain control of his nephew Edward VI. Elizabeth  described him as  “a man of much wit but very little judgement” and thanks to his actions she found herself closely questioned and her servants sent to the Tower.

5) 24/May/ 2018 Tudor: royal blood and it’s curse

tudor rose.jpg

10.00am-3.30pm at The Orange Box, Halifax

– fee – £20.00

Trace the Tudor family tree to meet the men and women with a claim to England’s crown and find out how their blood condemned them to tragic ends.  From Lady Jane Grey, her sisters and her nephews to Arbella Stuart and the Lady Margaret Clifford. 

6) 21/June/2018 Murder Most Foul: The Story of Lady Frances Howard, Robert Carr and the poisoned jam tarts


10.00am-3.30pm at The Orange Box, Halifax – fee – £20.00

Unravel the events using first hand accounts that led to the death of Sir Thomas Overbury and the scandal that rocked the court of King James I of England with the conviction of the Earl and Countess of Somerset for murder.

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