Carlisle Castle

Carlisle, the Borders and the Lake District

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Church History

Tewkesbury Abbey
Tewkesbury Abbey

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Medieval Tile from Great Malvern Priory (double click on image to open post)

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General History (including kings and queens)

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B_T_, 55, Bishop Odo in battle_jpg

Norman Conquest

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Wars of the Roses

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Henry VII’s coat of arms

The Tudors

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henry vii receiving book

The Stuarts

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The English Civil War

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World War One

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  1. Oh dear, Geoffrey Richardson. The closest one can get to Conspiracy Theorist among historical writers, and of course, entirely unobjective. Methinks that if he could have got away with saying the Beauforts had fangs and horns, he may well have done so.

  2. Hi, I love the image in your Medieval Gardens article of the amorous couple sitting on a turf seat. Can you give me a reference for it as I would love to get a copy from its source. It makes me smile every time I look at it (the turf seat doesn’t look that comfortable for courting…!)
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