Benedictine Monasteries in Alphabetical Order


At the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries there were 282 monasteries and 92 nunneries.


Abbotsbury Abbey (Dorset) – founded 1044

Abingdon Abbey (Oxon)- founded 954

Ankerwyke Priory (Berks) – founded 1160 (nuns)

Armathwaite Nunnery (Cumbria) (nuns)


Bardney Abbey (Lincs) – founded 1087

Bath Abbey (Somerset) – founded 1090 (This was a cathedral priory)

Battle Abbey (Sussex) – founded 1067

Beadlow Priory (Beds) – founded 1140

Binham Priory (Norfolk) – founded 1091

Birkenhead Priory (Merseyside) – founded 1150

Bishopgate St Helens (London) – founded 1258 (nuns)

Blyth Priory (Notts) – founded 1088

Boxgrove Priory (Sussex) –founded 1105

Bradwell Priory (Bucks) – founded 1136

Bromfield Priory (Shrops) – founded 1155

Bromhall Priory (Berks)- (nuns)

Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) – refounded 1020


St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury (Kent)- refounded 1070

Canterbury Cathedral-Priory (Kent) – refounded 997

Cerne Abbas (Dorset) – founded 987

Chepstow Priory

Chertsey Abbey (Surrey)

Chester Abbey (Cheshire)- founded 1092

Chester Priory (Cheshire)- founded 1140 (nuns)

Colchester St. John . This abbey was founded in 1096

Coventry Abbey (West Midlands) founded 1043

Croyland Abbey (Lincs) – founded 716


Deeping St James (Lincs)- founded 1139. This was a priory cell.

Deerhurst Priory- (Gloucs)- founded 1059 This priory still retains its Saxon monastic church.

Denny Abbey (Cambs) – founded 1159

King’s Mead Priory, Derby (Derbys)- founded 1149 (nuns)

St Martin’s Priory Dover (Kent) –founded 1136

Dunster Priory (Somerset) –founded 1090

Durham Cathedral Priory- founded 1083


Elstow Abbey (Beds)- founded 1078 (nuns)

Ely Cathedral Priory (Cambs)- refounded 1083

Evesham Abbey (Worcs)- founded 995

St Nicholas’s Priory, Exeter (Deven) – founded 1087


Finchdale Priory (Durham) – founded 1196.  It was originally a hermitage for two monks.

Freiston Priory (Lincs) – founded 1114.


Glastonbury Abbey (Somerset) – refounded c. 1189

Gloucester Cathedral Priory (Gloucs)- founded 1058

Great Malvern Priory (Worcs)- founded 1085

Great Yarmouth Priory (Norfolk)- founded 1101


St Faith’s Priory Horsham (Norfolk)- founded 1105

Hurley Priory (Berks)- founded 1087


Isleham Priory (Cambs)- founded 1100


Jarrow Priory (Tyne and Wear) – founded 1074



St Mary’s Priory Lancaster (Lancs)- founded 1094

Lastingham Abbey (Yorks)- founded 1078

Leominster Priory (Hereford) – founded 1123 Initially this priory was founded for nuns but later they were replaced by monks.

Leonard Stanley Priory (Gloucs) – founded 1146

Lindesfarne Priory (Northumberland) -refounded 1083

Little Malvern Priory (Worcs) – founded 1171


Malmsebury Abbey (Wilts)- founded 970

Milton Abbey (Dorset)- founded 964

Minster-in-Sheppey Priory (Kent) – refounded 1087 (nuns)

Monk Bretton Priory (Yorks)

Monk Sherbourne Priory (Hamps)- founded 1130

Monkwearmouth (Tyne and Wear) – founded 1083 This was a priory cell.

Morville (Shrops)- founded 1138 This was a priory cell.

Muchelney Abbey (Somerset) – refounded 939


Norwich Cathedral-Priory (Norfolk) – founded 1095

Nun Monkton (Yorks) (nuns)



Pershore Abbey (Worcs)- founded 970

Perborough Abbey (Cambs) – founded 966

Pilton Priory (Devon)- founded 1200


Ramsey Abbey (Cambs)- founded 969

Reading Abbey (Berks)- founded 1121

Rochester Cathedral Priory (Kent) – refounded 1080

Romsey Abbey (Hamps)- founded 967 (nuns)

St Martin’s Abbey, Richmond (Yorks) founded 1137


St Albans Cathedral-Prioy (Herts) – refounded 1077

St Bees Priory (Cumbria) –founded 1120

St Benet of Hulme Abbey (Norfolk) – founded1019

St Michael’s Mount (Cornwall)- founded 1050

Seaton Priory (Cumbria)- founded 1190 (nuns)

Selby Abbey (Yorks)- founded 1069

Sherbourne Abbey (Dorset)- founded 993

Shrewsbury Abbey (Shropshire) – founded 1083

Steventon Priory (Oxon) –founded 1135

Stogursey Priory (Someset) – founded 1107

Stoke-By-Clare Priory (Suffolk) – founded 1124

Swavesey Priory (Cambs)- founded1086


Tavistock Abbey (Devon) – founded 980

Tewkesbury Abbey (Gloucs)- refounded 1102

Thorney Abbey (Cambs)- founded 973

Tutbury Priory (Staffs) – founded 1080

Tynemouth Priory (Tyne and Wear) – refounded 1089


Upholland Priory (Greater Manchester)- founded 1319

Usk Abbey


Westminster Abbey (London)

Wetheral Priory (Cumbria) – founded 1106

Whitby Abbey (Yorks)- refounded 1078

Wilmington Priory (Sussex)- founded 1086

Winchester Cathedral-Priory (Hamps) –founded 1079

Worcester Cathedral-Priory (Worcs) – refounded 961

Wymondham Abbey (Norfolk) – founded 1107


Holy Trinity Priory, York. – founded1089

St Mary’s Abbey, York – founded 1088

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