At the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries there were 282 monasteries and 92 nunneries.


Abbotsbury Abbey (Dorset) – founded 1044

Abingdon Abbey (Oxon)- founded 954

Ankerwyke Priory (Berks) – founded 1160 (nuns)

Armathwaite Nunnery (Cumbria) (nuns)

Binham Priory, Norfolk


Bardney Abbey (Lincs) – founded 1087

Bath Abbey (Somerset) – founded 1090 (This was a cathedral priory)

Battle Abbey (Sussex) – founded 1067

Beadlow Priory (Beds) – founded 1140

Binham Priory (Norfolk) – founded 1091

Birkenhead Priory (Merseyside) – founded 1150

Bishopgate St Helens (London) – founded 1258 (nuns)

Blyth Priory (Notts) – founded 1088

Boxgrove Priory (Sussex) –founded 1105

Bradwell Priory (Bucks) – founded 1136

Bromfield Priory (Shrops) – founded 1155

Bromhall Priory (Berks)- (nuns)

Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) – refounded 1020


St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury (Kent)- refounded 1070

Canterbury Cathedral-Priory (Kent) – refounded 997

Cerne Abbas (Dorset) – founded 987

Chepstow Priory

Chertsey Abbey (Surrey)

Chester Abbey (Cheshire)- founded 1092

Chester Priory (Cheshire)- founded 1140 (nuns)

Colchester St. John . This abbey was founded in 1096

Coventry Abbey (West Midlands) founded 1043

Croyland Abbey (Lincs) – founded 716


Deeping St James (Lincs)- founded 1139. This was a priory cell.

Deerhurst Priory- (Gloucs)- founded 1059 This priory still retains its Saxon monastic church.

Denny Abbey (Cambs) – founded 1159

King’s Mead Priory, Derby (Derbys)- founded 1149 (nuns)

St Martin’s Priory Dover (Kent) –founded 1136

Dunster Priory (Somerset) –founded 1090

Durham Cathedral Priory- founded 1083


Elstow Abbey (Beds)- founded 1078 (nuns)

Ely Cathedral Priory (Cambs)- refounded 1083

Evesham Abbey (Worcs)- founded 995

St Nicholas’s Priory, Exeter (Deven) – founded 1087


Finchdale Priory (Durham) – founded 1196.  It was originally a hermitage for two monks.

Freiston Priory (Lincs) – founded 1114.


Glastonbury Abbey (Somerset) – refounded c. 1189

Gloucester Cathedral Priory (Gloucs)- founded 1058

Great Malvern Priory (Worcs)- founded 1085

Great Yarmouth Priory (Norfolk)- founded 1101


St Faith’s Priory Horsham (Norfolk)- founded 1105

Hurley Priory (Berks)- founded 1087


Isleham Priory (Cambs)- founded 1100


Jarrow Priory (Tyne and Wear) – founded 1074



St Mary’s Priory Lancaster (Lancs)- founded 1094

Lastingham Abbey (Yorks)- founded 1078

Leominster Priory (Hereford) – founded 1123 Initially this priory was founded for nuns but later they were replaced by monks.

Leonard Stanley Priory (Gloucs) – founded 1146

Lindesfarne Priory (Northumberland) -refounded 1083

Little Malvern Priory (Worcs) – founded 1171


Malmsebury Abbey (Wilts)- founded 970

Milton Abbey (Dorset)- founded 964

Minster-in-Sheppey Priory (Kent) – refounded 1087 (nuns)

Monk Bretton Priory (Yorks)

Monk Sherbourne Priory (Hamps)- founded 1130

Monkwearmouth (Tyne and Wear) – founded 1083 This was a priory cell.

Morville (Shrops)- founded 1138 This was a priory cell.

Muchelney Abbey (Somerset) – refounded 939


Norwich Cathedral-Priory (Norfolk) – founded 1095

Nun Monkton (Yorks) (nuns)



Pershore Abbey (Worcs)- founded 970

Perborough Abbey (Cambs) – founded 966

Pilton Priory (Devon)- founded 1200


Ramsey Abbey (Cambs)- founded 969

Reading Abbey (Berks)- founded 1121

Rochester Cathedral Priory (Kent) – refounded 1080

Romsey Abbey (Hamps)- founded 967 (nuns)

St Martin’s Abbey, Richmond (Yorks) founded 1137


St Albans Cathedral-Prioy (Herts) – refounded 1077

St Bees Priory (Cumbria) –founded 1120

St Benet of Hulme Abbey (Norfolk) – founded1019

St Michael’s Mount (Cornwall)- founded 1050

Seaton Priory (Cumbria)- founded 1190 (nuns)

Selby Abbey (Yorks)- founded 1069

Sherbourne Abbey (Dorset)- founded 993

Shrewsbury Abbey (Shropshire) – founded 1083

Steventon Priory (Oxon) –founded 1135

Stogursey Priory (Someset) – founded 1107

Stoke-By-Clare Priory (Suffolk) – founded 1124

Swavesey Priory (Cambs)- founded1086


Tavistock Abbey (Devon) – founded 980

Tewkesbury Abbey (Gloucs)- refounded 1102

Thorney Abbey (Cambs)- founded 973

Tutbury Priory (Staffs) – founded 1080

Tynemouth Priory (Tyne and Wear) – refounded 1089


Upholland Priory (Greater Manchester)- founded 1319

Usk Abbey


Westminster Abbey (London)

Wetheral Priory (Cumbria) – founded 1106

Whitby Abbey (Yorks)- refounded 1078

Wilmington Priory (Sussex)- founded 1086

Winchester Cathedral-Priory (Hamps) –founded 1079

Worcester Cathedral-Priory (Worcs) – refounded 961

Wymondham Abbey (Norfolk) – founded 1107


Holy Trinity Priory, York. – founded1089

St Mary’s Abbey, York – founded 1088

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  1. HI, Julia – thanks for this and congratulations on the site.

    This is no criticism because, frankly, it is a commonplace but you have omitted HYDE ABBEY in Winchester (quite different from the monastery attached to the cathedral). But then, astonishingly, everyone omits Hyde despite the fact that it was the burial place of King Alfred the Great and, until dissolution in 1538, was one of the richest and most important abbeys in the country.

    Hyde was founded in 1110 and inherited the community of New Minster in central Winchester, adjacent to the current cathedral. As well as the graves of Alfred, his son Edward the Elder and his wife Aelswith it also had a large and important collection of relics and manuscripts, several of which featured prominently in the recent exhibition ANGLO-SAXON KINGDOMS exhibition at the British Library. So probably worth adding to your very useful list.

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