An Austin Canon

The Austininians or Black Canons or Austin Canons as they were also known followed the rule and lived in a community as monks but unlike monks they were not enclosed. They can be described as canons regular in that from the Latin for rule – so they followed monastic rule. They went out into the world in ones or twos to care for their flock. They were all ordained priests.

The followed the Rule of St Augustine of Hippo who was made a bishop in £95 but chose to live in a community with his fellow priests following a regular life. The Augustininans followed the Rule of St Augustine, a letter of guidance compiled by St Augustine of Hippo (d. c. 430), which outlined a timetable for daily communal devotion which was lighter than the rule of St Benedict. it emphasised the importance of charity, obedience and individual poverty but put less significance on labour as the canons were required to preach, pray for and care for the laity.

Their first house was at Colchester in about 1100 from which time like the orders before them they became very popular. This page is very definitely a work in progress.

Austin canons and Austin friars are two distinct groups of monastics.


Bardsey Abbey

Beddgelart Priory

Carmarthen Priory

Haverfordwest Priory

Llanthony Pima Priory

Penmon priory


Anglesey Abbey

Ashridge Priory

Barnwell Priory, Cambs.

Barton Priory

Bedford Abbey

Bentley Priory

Bisham Priory

Blackmore Priory

Bolton Priory

Bourne Abbey

Bradenstoke Priory

Bradley Priory

Breadsall Priory

Breamore Priory

Bridlington Priory

Brinkburn Priory

Brooke Priory

Buckland Priory

Burford Priory



Radford Priory (Worksop)


St Stephen’s Launceston

St James’ Northampton

Thurgarton Priory