Brinkburn Priory

Brinkburn Priory, an Augustinian foundation, is near Rothbury, hidden at the bottom of a valley – and we went it was a glorious sunny day. Brinkburn was founded in 1135 at the end of the reign of Henry I. it was probably a daughter house of Pentney in Norfolk. Brinkburn’s story is largely pieced together from its chartulary.

It’s location meant that in 1419 it was raided and robbed by the Scots. Slightly more than a hundred years later it had still not recovered so was designated a lesser monastery and dissolved. It was granted by Edward VI to John, Earl of Warwick who became Duke of Northumberland when the Duke of Somerset was toppled from power on the regency council.

I’ve posted about Brinkburn before:

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  1. Sad end to a glorious concept of Gods house. God ,in fact needs no such house to live in. Then art and design and reality of living means a work of art went down without compassion of it real intent. Manking is both Gods child and the Devil himself.Makes my point I think. Just feeling that way out having had a heard of wild deer destroy 10.000 euro of plants in a 4 acre walled garden of hedges. Hedges too striped. Saintly I be but thought would shoot to kill them all . Man one moment devil the next. Loss and revenge is all its about

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