History Jar Book Reviews

History and historical fiction in its widest sense.

And with that in mind let me introduce you to the books of Mark Stay who uses accurately researched historical settings and folklore to create an engrossing fantasy world.

The Holly King by Mark Stay – this is the fourth of a series but very readable on its own.

Ancient woodlands, witches and Christmas folklore with an alarming twist that’s anything but cosy – think more The Larkins meet the Hammer House of Horror. Stay’s imagination uses history as a prism to create a fantasy world that is both witty and readable. The cosy familiarity of village life during World War Two is juxtaposed with something decidedly gothic. It’s not long before you’re part of a parallel universe rooting for a trio of witches. If you like Aaronovitch, you’ll like the Holly King – now I need to read the rest of Stay’s books. I’m hooked!