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Scottish Wars of Independence

Monday 4th October until Monday 22nd November (7 weeks plus half term)

Notable figures from the First War of Independence -William Hole.

On 22 February 1371, Robert II became the first Stuart king of Scotland.  His mother, Marjorie, was the daughter of Robert the Bruce.  His father, Walter, was the hereditary steward of Scotland – hence the name.  The Stuarts (or Stewarts) ruled Scotland until 1603, when James VI also became King James I of England, and (with a gap for the Commonwealth Period 1649-1660) both kingdoms until the death of Queen Anne in 1714.

Week I: Monday 4th October 2021

Identifying a point when the Anglo-Scottish wars first began is difficult and this course will not be taking us back to the Romans or the early medieval period. Our story will start with the eleventh century and the rule of Cnut in England and Malcolm II in Scotland. We will look at the kingdom of Northumbria and the story of raid and counter raid between northern rivals.

Week 2: Monday 11 October 2021

This week we will look at the Norman impact on the relationship between England and Scotland. Only in 1092 did the border between England and Scotland become more recognisable as it might look today – although it didn’t stay that way for long. The Anarchy resulted in the border shifting south.

Week 3: Monday 18th October 2021

The Angevins reabsorbed Cumbria and Northumberland back into their kingdom but conflict arose across the next two centuries because Henry II went back on his word. Meet William the Lion, encounter Richard the Lionheart selling English overlordship to fund his Crusade and conspire against King John. We’ll conclude the session with a couple of royal weddings.

HALF TERM: Monday 25th October

Week 4: Monday 4th November 2021

The First Scottish War of Independence: it’s background, claimants to the Scottish Crown including Balliol and Bruce, Franco-Scottish alliance and the initial phase of Edward I’s campaign as well as the Scottish response from William Wallace to the Red Comyn. (1296-1306)

Week 5: Monday 8th November 2021

Robert the Bruce and Edward II (1306-1328). Scottish civil war, Robert Bruce reclaims Scotland, carrying war into England and the recognition of Scottish independence.

Week 6: Monday 15th November 2021

The Second Scottish War of Independence (1332-1357) King David II was only five years old when he became king. King Edward III supported Edward Balliol and civil war broke out in 1332. It wasn’t long before the English took the opportunity to move in! The wars never formally ended after 1341 there was stalemate.

Week 7: Monday 22 November 2021

Border laws, border raids and jockeying for position in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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The Scottish Wars of Independence 7 weeks

An introduction to the turbulent relationship between the kingdoms of Scotland and England.



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