Zoom classes

With social distancing requirements and the possibility of a “second spike” in the Autumn the History Jar has gone online with Zoom!

Medieval Worlds

Classes will run on a Monday afternoon at 3.00pm (London time) for 1 ½ hours. Please be in the waiting room at least five minutes before the class starts so that you are ready to be admitted into the virtual class room.

Monday 20thJuly– Feudalism and the Manorial System.

Monday 27thJuly– The Medieval Year

Monday 3rdAugust– Galen and Medieval medicine

Monday 10thAugust– Medieval Gardens

Monday 17thAugust– The Wool Trade

Monday 24thAugust– Women, Marriage and Courtly Love

Monday 31stAugust– The Black Death & The Great Famine

Many regular students have already paid for classes.  If you would like to use the money I am holding for a day school or Derby class to pay for Zoom classes please contact me.

If you would like to join the class for the seven week block, the cost is £30.00. Choose the £30.00 option to pay via Paypal. If you prefer to join fewer sessions continue to scroll down to the next PayPal button. The button is an automatic link to pay me via my Paypal account.

Medieval Worlds 7 weeks

Once you have paid for your classes you will be sent an email link to complete registration on Zoom. A second email will then be generated with a link for the classes.


You can also register for individual classes costing £5.00 each.

Medieval World individual sessions

Individual session price. If you'd prefer to attend one or more sessions rather than the whole class select the number of sessions that you wish to attend. Pay for them via PayPal and once I have processed the informationI will send you a Zoom link to register for the specific sessions you wish to join.