Zoom classes

Zooming into autumn 2023

Where did the summer go! Monday October 16th – Monday 4th December – 7 weeks

Classes will run on a Monday afternoon at 3.00pm (London time) for 1 ½ hours. Please be in the waiting room at least five minutes before the class starts so that you are ready to be admitted into the virtual class room.

Presentations will be recorded and can be viewed for a limited time after the live session (subject to the technology.)

Simon de Montfort

Session 1: 16 October 2023

Simon de Montfort – an introduction.

Who was he? The Earldom of Leicester and the de Beaumonts. – The impact of the Albigensian Crusade and the death of de Montfort senior at the siege of Toulouse (1218) on de Montfort. How de Montfort became the Earl of Leicester. De Montfort’s connections with Henry III

Session 2: 23 October 2023

De Montfort finds a bride -potential alliances and marriage to Eleanor of England. Connections with Henry III, the Marshal family and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s reaction to the marriage. De Montfort as part of the royal family. This session will also look at de Montfort’s religious beliefs, including the expulsion of the Jewish population from Leicester.

Half term 30 October 2023

Session 3: 6 November 2023

De Montfort goes on Crusade and becomes Henry III’s lieutenant in Aquitaine. Politics and oppression.

The issues between Henry III and his barons – why they fell out and the role played by de Montfort. Chronology of Henry III’s reign.

Session 4: 13 November 2023

Rebellion and the Second Barons War. De Montfort’s campaign against England’s Jews.

Session 5:20 November 2023

De Montfort and Parliament.

Session 6:27 November 2023

Fall from power and death.

Session 7: 4 December 2023

Simon de Montfort’s legacy – continuing reform of Parliament.

Simon de Montfort – The Second Barons War

7 classes – 16th October – 4th December 3pm -4.30pm. Half term week 30 October. The link to Zoom will be sent separately. Please allow 24 hours for this to be sent as it is processed manually. Thank you.