Derby Classes

The History Jar is pleased to announce a new venue for its classes.  St Mary’s Parish Centre, Darley Lane, Derby DE1 3AX

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St Mary’s Parish Centre is sited between Darley Lane and Arthur Street, overlooking the Derby inner ring road (A 601 – St Alkmund’s Way) though it cannot be reached directly from the ring road.  Please follow the link for exact directions:

It has the advantage of a car park and is not too far from the town centre.

Summer and Autumn Courses:

I am offering two short courses during the summer of two weeks each.  If you would like to attend both courses the cost is £30.00.  If you wish to attend one the cost is £20.00.  Please scroll down and select the correct course and cost from the choice of PayPal buttons or contact me to book a place and arrange an alternative method of payment.

Summer 2019

1) 1666- plague, war and fire

Great fire Tuesday 7thand 14thMay 2019

– 10am- 12pm

1666 was a watershed year.  The second Anglo-Dutch war broke out, a quarter of London’s population died from the plague during the year 1665-1666. A fire that started in a baker’s oven in Pudding Lane destroyed much of London in four days.

This course will cover:

  • Plague causes and preventatives.
  • The way that the population responded to the plague.
  • Samuel Pepys account of events.
  • Daniel Defoe’s account of the plague.
  • The story of the Great Fire through first hand accounts.
  • The role of the Duke of York in the Anglo-Dutch war and the Great Fire.
  • Commercial rivalry and empire -causes of war.
  • The Four Days’ Battle
  • The raid on the Medway


2) Queen Anne-fact and   fiction








Tuesday June 25 and July 2nd2019

-10am -12pm-

Whilst the antics depicted in the library of  Oscar winning The Favourite aren’t completely out of  the question the reality of Queen Anne’s relationship with Sarah Churchill and Abigail Masham did involve a power struggle that ended in personal recriminations.

  • A brief outline of Queen Anne’s life, husband and children.
  • Mrs Morley and Mrs Freeman – a childhood friendship.
  • Whigs & tories
  • Rumour, gossip, jealousy – and a ballad.


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Two short courses- 1666 and Queen Ann at discounted rate

St Mary's Parish Centre: 1) 1666- plague, war and fire Tuesday 7th and 14th May 2019 - 10am- 12pm– 2) Queen Anne-fact and fiction: Tuesday June 25 and July 2nd 2019 -10am -12pm-


1666- plague, war and fire Tuesday 7th and 14th May 2019 – 10am- 12pm–

One short course at St Mary's Parish Centre, Derby covering the year 1665-66 including the Anglo-Dutch war, the plague and the Great Fire of London.


Queen Anne-fact and fiction Tuesday June 25 and July 2nd 2019 -10am -12pm-

St Mary's Parish Centre. Queen Anne - fact and fiction.


Autumn Course

1066- The Bayeux Tapestry and beyond.

7 weeks commencing Tuesday 1st October  2019 10am-12pm.

Half term week Tuesday 29th October.

Bayeux TapestryEveryone knows the story of the Norman Conquest but there’s much more to the tale than meets the eye.

  • The impact of the Danish Conquest in 1016 on the politics of 1066.
  • The role of Emma, England’s twice queen.
  • Norman connections with England before 1066
  • The mystery of Aelfgyva and the story of the women in the Bayeux Tapestry.
  • Earl Godwin’s family
  • The conquest told by the Bayeux tapestry and its borders.
  • The role of William’s wife, religion and the Pope.
  • Resistance to the Normans- Wild Edric, Hereward the Wake and the Harrying of the North.
  • Earls Morcar and Edwin.
  • Impact on architecture, language and society.

1066- The Bayeux Tapestry and beyond. 7 weeks commencing Tuesday 1st October 2019. 10am-12pm

An overview of the Norman Conquest and its immediate aftermath. St Mary's Parish Centre Derby.