Derbyshire Monastic houses

In Yorkshire prior to the dissolution of the monasteries there was approximately one monastic house in every one hundred and nine miles. In North Yorkshire that dropped to one in every eighty-two miles. It’s impossible not to think of the great Cistercian establishments and the ruins that still dominate the landscape.

It’s a bit of a different story in Derbyshire.  There were no Cistercian foundations swelling in the area.  Of the seven houses, not counting Bradbourne which was a cell of Dunstable Priory in Bedfordshire, five were Augustinian and two were Premonstratsensian.

Here’s a map. Click on the map to change its size and on the bullet points for further information about each of the monastic foundations in the region:

The pattern of their dissolution followed the national pattern with visitation followed by surrender and suppression.  In addition to which thirty monastic houses held land, manors and benefices in Derbyshire.  Whilst Henry VIII’s change of “ownership” didn’t leave dramatic ruins in its wake it did change land ownership and the balance of power in the area.  Francis Leake and Sir William Cavendish both pocketing valuable estates.  The former’s descendants would become the earls of Scarsdale whilst the latter’s decedents would become the dukes of Devonshire.

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  1. Oh! how very very true. I told Cavandish they stole all they have but that house in Cumbria they bought cheap.One of Englands most loveliest homes. Investing in Lancashire and Yorkshires mill towns of which rents In Nelson and Bradford made then rich. Scottish lowlanders who as horse grooms to the Scot King James 1 In Brownsword house in Kendal none would attend him from that said town.So in nasty revenge that King knighted his stable boys. All goes back to the visit made by James and is recorded. James had a real problem in the area of Cumbria once the three counties until 1974 and Government stupidity.

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