Update on England’s forgotten Queen

Episode two – tonight at 9 on BBC4 and episode three tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Update on England’s forgotten Queen

  1. Alas not on my television service but one hopes will be shown this summer on my Prussian service side. Depends you see if they buy it in package dealing with BBC only here. At present they are covering the death of Marlow and have come to the conclusion that he was murdered owing to his hot temper and drunkness in argument he was knifed in the eye. Then that in itself fails to explain why in fact he was sat not in inn but in a master spies house. They even covered his set up and escape theory fully and decided against it as body was witness by all and even judge saw the corpse. Good thing investigations are on History channel or would go crazy with upset watching Russian movies. I have copy of Henrys will Kate Parr owned it. Very strongly set out and perfectly understood. Never seen Edwards will. Would have loved to see the program .

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