Date error

To err is human – to get your 6’s and 4’s the wrong way round is rather inconvenient if you are writing about the Wars of the Roses.  Many apologies and many thanks to the reader who pointed out the switch round.  I’d like to blame the computer but sadly I can’t on this occasion.  The article has now been changed online.

3 thoughts on “Date error

  1. Bit sad when some are so pedantic.To me , unless one had worked and was trained on keyboards one must ignore little mistakes in blogs as we are none of us perfect. The bible is the best selling selling book yet so many mistakes exist such as Christ in the Vinegar is a good one. Worry not about small mistakes just see how sad the person is that must must report the fault but probably could not write a history blog to save their little lives

  2. So easily done… Thanks for your honesty… I am so grateful for the hard work that you put into the History Jar and deliver to the world for free…

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