Anne of Denmark and the witches of Copenhagen

Attributed_to_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger_Anne_of_Denmark.jpgIn 1590 James VI of Scotland got married.  His wife was a Protestant princess.  She had been raised in a Lutheran court.  The dowry of £150,000 helped as did a hand full of islands including Orkney which Scotland already held but which now legally became Scottish rather than Scandinavian.

It began as a love story.  James wrote to his fourteen year old bride and fell so in love with her that when bad weather prevented her from reaching Scotland, he himself took to the sea so that he could reach Anne who had arrived safely in Oslo rather than remain on a vessel which had almost foundered in the storm.  Having been married the pair returned to Denmark where James developed an interest in witchcraft – he went on to write a text entitled Daemonologie.

The Danish minister of financed faced criticism for not properly outfitting the vessel.The Danish admiral responsible for conveying Anne to Norway rather than Edinburgh blamed a Copenhagen witch rather than bad weather or his own seafaring skills.  The woman, Anna Koldings was the wife of a burgess with whom the admiral had quarrelled confessed to being a witch…under torture.  It was an impressive story.  Apparently the witch responsible for the storm has sent little devils in wheelbarrows across the sea.  They then climbed up the keels of the fleet which was transporting Anne and caused the storm.  In September 1590 she was burned to death. Eleven other women, including the wife of the burgomaster, were also executed because quite clearly transporting demons in empty barrows across the sea would require the efforts of more than one woman.

When James returned to Scotland his interest in the topic of witches was well and truly alight.  The Kirk was delighted as they had been keen on the topic of witches for some considerable time.  Now that the king was on board the way was clear to start the bonfires.  In North Berwick a coven was unmasked and James was amazed when they repeated conversations that he had in Norway – the burnings began. The North Berwick trials ran for two years and more than seventy people were implicated.



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  1. All started by two idiots whom worked as Monks and in Italy wrote Malleus Maleficarum. This book about witches warlocks and evil spirits spread through out the evil catholic world and evil minded as they were back then took out of millions anger inside their own selves. The Vatican is a museum a treasure house of art and riches while most of the following in native lands around the world are starving yet give to the churches to make Vatican richer. It is an evil as hunting women to burn them as witches. Time to dismantle the churches and the Vatican to sell off all riches and give it back to the poor of earth. Paul lied and his scribes wrote the new testament. Pliny mentions not of Jesus only of Jesus Barabus. Having stood on that platform set over horseguards in the walling wall that once was the office of one Pontious Pilot. It is hard for two men never mind three men to stand of that outcrop of a ledge even accounting for that fact that we are larger than the Romans. First account of witness comes 60 years later by Josefhus who could not possibly have know anything but echoed Paul the Jew who went over to be Roman for pension.
    He was called a liar all his life as hated by Jew and sneered at by Roman Paul was shipwrecked off Malta but no one wanted to save him.Lies upon lies have lasted 2000 owing to that Vatican and responsible for all evil on earth not just witch craft nonsense but bankers to the Mafia who gave Hitler blessing to attack Britain. Corrupt it is and now we find out just how many thousands are child rape experts.What next before God himself destroys them. No history no facts no jesus no Mary no Joseph just Constantine. The first census ever made was not in the reign of Nero to relate to Mary and Joseph and a donkey having to attend a Census made by Rome .The head count came 50 years later in the reign of Augustus . The cult of Mithras and his 12 followers are the very basis of this tale of Pauls . An altar to Mithras I located in Hadrians Wall on walks some 45 years ago nad finding Jesus became an obsession . Rome four times and Palestine three times and Constantinople once now aware it is all lies. Not one trace of fact exists. I told this to the Bishop of Cardiff at a dinner in London in around 2004. He said “You must have faith>” Really. That was all an educated man could say when faced with facts he could not reply to . History it is not a fairy story at best and an evil set up in truth. Without it the world may not have read a book that would not have been written and thousands of innocents may have not been burned.

  2. You Just Had To Be Different Or Disagree With Your Local Communities – That Would Have Been Enough To Start An Investigation To See If You Were A Witch – 99.9 % Were Always Found Guilty By A Paid Witch Hunter, Communities Did Not Like Anyone Who Appeared Against The Grain Or Will Of The Wealthy – To Be Frank The Only Thing That
    Has Changed- No Burning & It’s Now Known As The Silent Crime { Nepotism } Max…

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