The Thetford Hoard – how many gold rings?

gold rings.jpgNot five gold rings but twenty-two of them!   The hoard was unearthed in 1979 to reveal a large collection of late Roman jewellery and silver table ware.  There were also 22 silver spoons.  The hoard was carefully buried for safe keeping or during time of trouble.  For whatever reason, the owner was unable to return to retrieve his or her possessions. It is even uncertain as to what kind of person might have owned such a valuable collection.  It has been suggested that they belonged to a jeweller or were destined to be some kind of religious offering.  It is impossible to add to the context of the hoard as by the time the hoard was registered by the metal detectorist who found it – building work had taken place making the Thetford Hoard one of life’s little mysteries.

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