Halifax venue in May update

the history jarThis post is for all of you lovely folk who come to my classes in Halifax – so if you’re reading this on the other side of the world, my apologies.  As you will probably be aware, having been made homeless due to a change in ownership of our usual venue, I was fortunate to be able to book the Learning Studio in the Piece Hall for the March and April day schools but struggled to find a venue for May.

This has now been remedied with a slight amendment in date.  The course will now run on:

  Wednesday 22nd May 2019  10.00am-3.30 pm

 The Calderdale Industrial Museum

The Calderdale Industrial Museum can be found on Square Road, Halifax, HX1 1QG. http://calderdaleindustrial.co.uk/contact-and-find/

The last course of the season is set in the seventeenth century and particularly topical to the West Riding.

Thomas Fairfax- A Yorkshireman’s Civil War


thomas fairfaxWe will explore Fairfax’s role in the Bishops’ War and the Fairfax position in the escalating dispute between King and Parliament before following his progress from Seacroft Moor to Adwalton.


We will chart Fairfax’s swift progression through the first and second civil wars from local politics to the national scene. From there we will move on to the trial of the king, regicide and the establishment of a republic. We will consider his role at Colchester and Burford.


We will explore Fairfax’s relationship with his wife Anne the key political figures of the period and also Fairfax’s literary contributions.

The course can be booked by clicking on the “Day Schools Halifax” page or by contacting me.

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