History Jar challenge 16

We’re branching out a bit this week. I’ve had a good long think and I’ve realised that I often mention kings of France – I suppose it makes sense given the number of wars that there’ve been between the Anjevins and French, the Plantagenets and the French, the Tudors and the French etc etc.

So, 1) how many of France’s monarchs can you name? 2) And which king of England was crowned King of France?

The French gave their monarchs some colourful nicknames – I can’t imagine a Plantagenet monarch being too pleased to be described as …the Lazy or the Fat…though as you can see Henry V who was named regent of France as part of the Treaty of Troyes has inspired me to attempt an accurate if unflattering nickname -I’m sure that you can do better – go on give it a go. If nothing else coming up with nicknames for English kings and queens should keep you on your toes this week, though I doubt if anyone can better the Saxon Ethelred the Unready.

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