words words words 3- monastic habits

Sorry can’t resist the very bad pun. How many words pertaining to monasteries can you identify – could be architectural or to do with monastic life and roles?

2 thoughts on “words words words 3- monastic habits

  1. What do you mean by words? The symbols here, Fleur de Lis, vines, spoked wheel, four directions, five petaled flower, expanding circles all represent growth.

    • Sorry my fault – the advice for any blog post is to have an image at the start, apparently it draws people in. So I duly added my image of monastic tiles from Muchelney in Somerset as a visual hook and forgot to label it. The image wasn’t the challenge – though I’m very grateful for the analysis you’ve provided, never having looked at it that closely before other than to admire the colours. The words challenge is to identify as many words as you can that would be part of a monastic glossary e.g. cloister (architecture), cellarer (official post), canonical hours (services) etc. During the course of the last six months the challenges have changed from time to time and are no longer weekly so the words challenge gives people an opportunity to dredge their memories!

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