Caudell – a festive drink.

15th century glass wine goblet – The V & A

Thursday’s festive drink! Wine thickened with eggs. A medieval eggnog. I don’t think that this would work with red wine purely on the resulting colour!

Caudell. Draw yolkes of eyron thorow a streynour with wyne or with ale, that hit be ryght rennyng; put therto sigure, safron, & no salt. Bet well togedyr; set hit on the fyre on clene colys. Stere welle the bottom & the sydys tyl hit be ynowghe scaldyng hote; thu shalle fele be the staffe when hit begynnys to com. Then take hit of and styre alwey fast, & yf be nede, aley hit up with som of the wyne; or yf hit com to hastyly, put hit in cold watyr to myd syd of the pot, & stere hit alwey fast; & serve hit forth.

– Hieatt, Constance B. An Ordinance of Pottage. An Edition of the Fifteenth Century Culinary Recipes in Yale University’s MS Beinecke 163. London: Prospect Books Ltd, 1988.

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  1. Just saw this! I actually tried out this recipe, with red wine no less. Believe it or not, if your ratio of egg to wine is kept low, it’s not only delicious but improves the quality of cheap has-been-open-for-a-week wine by getting rid of any vinegary quality – much in the same way that adding egg yolk in coffee makes it smoother (it’s a real thing, look it up!). You actually can’t taste the egg, only the wine and spices.
    I’m not sure if you allow links in your comments, but if you look up ‘Tudor caudell’ on Youtube, I made a video about it.

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