A Henry VIII interlude

I came across this on the C J Sansom Appreciation Society (https://www.facebook.com/groups/15046129703/) as posted by one of its members. It made me smile and I hope that you enjoy it as well – and the C J Sansom Appreciation Society has some lovely posts.

The caption is Henry VIII’s wives if they hadn’t married him – they certainly look different when smiling.

11 thoughts on “A Henry VIII interlude

    • I wish I knew – I’m guessing an understanding of facial muscles and a very clever piece of software.

  1. I could do with this poster sized on the wall – what a different perspective on these women the smiles create! If that makes sense….. hope so. I love it.

    • I think they all look much nicer. I suppose smiling when posing for a portrait is a relatively modern idea.

      • Definitely. However, smiling for hours while someone paints you just wouldn’t be practical!

      • Probably not – and let’s not forget that teeth may have been an issue. Not sure if excess smiling wasn’t demure…medieval girls were taught not to laugh too much – something to do with piety and respectability.

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