Very excited – Robert Dudley has arrived…

I know – it’s completely shameless! So delighted when the postman came with my author’s copies that I may have completed a little happy dance confirming to the postman that I was very happy to receive the parcel which has tracked itself with assorted emails during the last forty-eight hours.

Now back to Anne and Isabel Neville – I have not yet got my feet in a bucket of cold water or nor is the fan wafting iced air in my direction courtesy of a tray of ice placed at its base but I have provided additional water for the birds and our resident hedgehog.

8 thoughts on “Very excited – Robert Dudley has arrived…

  1. Congratulations Julia. You are welcome to guest on my blog sometime about this – I’ve had well over 1.2 million visitors now, and all posts are shared on Goodreads.

    • Hi Tony, thank you for your kind email – I though I’d replied but I don’t think it arrived with you for technical reasons. I would love to be a guest on your blog. Please let me know how I might arrange it with you. Many thanks. Julia

    • Hope you enjoy it – he was certainly a man of many talents and one or two flaws. In some respects he was a very modern man.

    • It’s a beautiful cover – the designer at Pen and Sword is very talented and I’m very grateful to my editor for taking so much trouble.

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