Medieval Mistresses – mischievous women

Look what was on my doorstep when I arrive home this afternoon! Once again I am very excited. I love the cover.

It can be purchased from the Pen and Sword website and I’ve also featured in their blog this week. Why not follow the link to find out more about Alice Perrers and Jane Shore who were both accused of witchcraft.

2 thoughts on “Medieval Mistresses – mischievous women

  1. It was power over women. In Iran ladies looked so lovely in Paris fashions in the 1970s .Then men came with power to control and made them as slaves in bin liner bags and head covers .Thank God they have woken up and now fight back and are likely to bring down the towelhead leaders rule at last .It was same in our English past. Get rid on trouble blame her for witchcraft . Shamed am I that man did that before God a sin on souls so bad as to think it never mind do it

  2. Hi! found your blog while searching for the connection between Queen Henrietta Maria and Anne. Gill (Neale) who is said to have been either a lady in waiting, or maid of honor to the queen. Anna’s husband served as the envoy to Spain

    Hoping you might be able to help me connect some dots. We are the current owners of an old manor house in Southern Maryland where Susannah Maria Bennett (Darall) (Lowe) was buried in 1714. Susannah is the granddaughter to Anne Gill (Neale). The property has remained in the family since Lord Baltimore granted the land to Susannah and her husband in the 1600’s. I have been working on a timeline for the past few years bring the history to life for our guests, and visitors.

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