Getting the Katherines and Catherines right

There are no prizes for spotting that I mentioned Herny’s last queen in my previous post. Blame the brain cell going on holiday. It’s Katherine of Aragon who died in 1536. She was his longest surviving wife but only provided him with a living daughter Mary. By 1525 Henry had gone off her and in 1531 following Henry’s failure to have the marriage annulled she was banished from court.

I can only apologise the brain fog that clearly descended.

3 thoughts on “Getting the Katherines and Catherines right

  1. No worries it happens just Kate Parr was her name to my family .She was born London Blackfrairs house . September 12th 1512 .The house was demolished by Henry V111 In reformation .Wonder KATE married the ugly sod . One fat usurper of a swine .Land house stood on may well belong to us as Blackfrairs was pulled down at same time as abbey. I worked looking at ruins from Chancery Lane offices from my desk . Walked many times around Sir Thomas Parr house ruin . Now not a thing exists of any of it . Kendal council told me she was born in Kendal castle but wrong as Campden told us it was a ruin in 1500 so why a kings servant Sir Thomas Parr built a house in Blackfrairs yard London .All Lady Mauds and sir Thoms children born there .One hopes this helps you in understanding my love for my ancestors always

  2. later he married Catherine Howard who got beheaded and last wife Catherine Parr. why she married him might be because her name was tarnished by henry attention to her. Her dying husband cursed her as a whore not really because of anything she did. Remember somehow women were always to blame for unwanted attention. Henry married her for her nursing abilities but she was more than that. She reunited him to his kids.

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