Store Cupboard of quotes week 6 – castles

George Herbert the seventeenth century metaphorical poet said that castles are “forrests of stone” (I’ve not spelled it wrong.) And that’s your first quote for the week. Your challenge is to answer the ten questions linked to the castles in the five pictures:

Name the fictional knight associated with this castle created by Sir Walter Scott.


This castle is part of the title of another Sir Walter Scott Novel.


A famous author of a famous secret agent described this castle as “the wonderful cardboard castle,” – which author, which secret agent and which castle…it’s in a book that has the word moon in it’s title.


A novel by Louisa Hawtry featured a brave dame associated with this castle – which dame? which castle?


This castle, or its guardians, feature in an extremely well known song that Michael Cane sang during an epic film. Which castle? Which song and which film?

And just to finish – Victor Hugo said that “if we don’t build castles in the air we don’t build anything on the ground” – how many fictional castles can you identify. Currently all I can envisage is a very large pink one with fireworks in the sky above it – which isn’t very helpful!